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Upgrading to smart technology is good for hotels and their guests – win/win! Join us as we discuss how smart technology improves guests’ experience and saves you money.

Smart Technology Increasingly, smart technology is becoming a basic expectation rather than a luxury provided by a few elite hotels. The availability of smart technology is forcing industries to upgrade in order to keep up with the market. The good news is upgrading to smart technology has benefits for both guests and hotel management.  

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Join us as we discuss the other side of home security – protection from environmental hazards. Learn more about home security technology today:

Home Security Technology If your home is already equipped with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, why upgrade to a new system? It turns out, there are a lot of reasons to cover your home with home security technology. A Smart Home system goes much farther than the old smoke detectors in protecting your home

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Does your current home security system involve a ‘beware of dog’ sign? Learn about the newest developments in home security technology to get your home secured in the New Year.

Home Security System In the 80s and 90s, a home security system consisted of motion detectors that sensed movement and sounded an alarm. It could be programmed to turn on and off and the police would be notified if the alarm went off. They were somewhat effective for emergencies but there were lots of false

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Can You Identify a Burglar?

If you’re ready to upgrade your home so you can identify a burglar and truly be protected, read our blog today and contact Kevson Services Group!

Identify a Burglar You’ve seen it a million times in movies. A tall man dressed all in black pulls a black ski mask over his face and checks his pocket for lock picking tools and a gun. You know to be afraid of the stereotypical thief look and to check all the dark corners of

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