Can You Identify a Burglar?

Can You Identify a Burglar?

If you’re ready to upgrade your home so you can identify a burglar and truly be protected, read our blog today and contact Kevson Services Group!Identify a Burglar

You’ve seen it a million times in movies. A tall man dressed all in black pulls a black ski mask over his face and checks his pocket for lock picking tools and a gun. You know to be afraid of the stereotypical thief look and to check all the dark corners of your house before settling in. But is that really what a real life burglar looks like? As you probably can guess, the answer is no. Read on to learn more about what they really do look like and how to protect your home from them (contact us for more information)!



Many adults are suspicious of teenagers, especially during the summer school break when they seem to get bored and are more likely to start getting into trouble. But you can rest easy, knowing that you don’t have to blame your neighbor’s kid for being sneaky. The majority of burglars are adults, not youth.



Most burglars aren’t well educated and tend to have a high school diploma or even less education. GEDs are common among many burglars. So you can likely weed out suspicions of your local professor or professional. They probably aren’t financially strapped enough to be willing to break into and enter your home.



There is one stereotype that does hold up to statistics. It’s that the majority of burglars are men. For better or worse, you should get suspicious if a man starts lurking around your yard. Of course, if anyone is lurking around your property you should be on high alert. But someone who is planning to break into your house is most likely to be male and they will probably be wearing “friendly” clothes such as a utility or repairman uniform. Yes, they will be trying to break in during the day, not so much during the night.



Sadly, stereotypes abound and black men often get pegged as most likely to be a burglar. But the reality? No, it’s not them. It’s actually white men that are responsible for over two-thirds of burglaries. Yes, this is another occasion to challenge our social stereotypes.

How can you protect your home? By installing a Control4 system paired with security cameras, of course! Never again do you have to worry about dark corners in and around your house. Security sensors will tell you if anyone gets near your doors or windows. You can also easily pull up the Control4 app on your phone or other device to scroll through the cameras, peeking to make sure all is clear.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home with Control4 so you can be truly protected from a possible burglary, reach out to Kevson Services Group for a professional consultation!