The Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security Technology Part 1

The Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security Technology Part 1

Does your current home security system involve a ‘beware of dog’ sign? Learn about the newest developments in home security technology to get your home secured in the New Year.Home Security System

In the 80s and 90s, a home security system consisted of motion detectors that sensed movement and sounded an alarm. It could be programmed to turn on and off and the police would be notified if the alarm went off. They were somewhat effective for emergencies but there were lots of false alarms. If you were out of town when an intruder broke in, the alarm might alert your neighbor but you wouldn’t know anything was up until after the intrusion took place.


“Smart Home” Systems Have Changed Everything

Remember Truman Capote’s book about the crime accomplished by cutting telephone wires? With Smart Home systems, there are no wires to cut. Everything is wireless and can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet.


The New Generation of Intrusion Sensors

The alarm systems of the 90s alerted you when windows and doors were opened if you were at home.

Smart Home systems detect intrusion and send texts and emails to you and alert law enforcement. Once you’re alerted, access to your security cameras will give you live footage to see what’s going on.


Remote Access And Remote Control

Alerting you is only the starting point. You can do more than simply survey your home. With a Smart Home system, you can lock doors, turn on lights, let people in, and more, all from your smartphone.



Once you have a Smart Home system in place, you can customize for your needs. Customizing your security system can allow you to:

•Give people temporary access to your home
•Give prioritized security to certain doors or cabinets
•Know the precise time your teenager returned home
•Survey and control your entire home from your phone or tablet

This is just a small sampling of the ways you can customize the system to suit your needs. Our team of professionals can provide more information on the benefits of Smart Home security.


So far, we’ve discussed security from intruders and crime prevention. Next week, we’ll discuss the often forgotten side of home security – protection from environmental hazards.


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