The Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security Technology Part 2

The Homeowner’s Guide to Home Security Technology Part 2

Join us as we discuss the other side of home security – protection from environmental hazards. Learn more about home security technology today:Home Security Technology

If your home is already equipped with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, why upgrade to a new system? It turns out, there are a lot of reasons to cover your home with home security technology. A Smart Home system goes much farther than the old smoke detectors in protecting your home from environmental hazards.


Today, we’ll discuss 3 of the most common environmental hazards and how Smart Home security can stop problems before they turn into disasters.


Water Damage: Catch it Early and Save $$$

Have you ever come home from vacation to discover your basement has become an indoor wading pool? The difference between discovering a leak early and discovering it once a foot of water is sitting in your basement is an expensive difference.


When you’re protected by a Smart Home system, detectors are placed near plumbing and sound an alarm if they come in contact with water. You can program them to monitor humidity and temperature (see below). The upshot is you’ll be notified the moment a leak starts so you can address them right away.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide: Monitor Air Quality with Realtime Notifications

The old detectors notify you as soon as a problem arises. They may save your life if a fire starts in the night or a poisonous gas leaks. They’re less effective for preventing problems if you’re away from home.


With a Smart system, you’ll have real time notification no matter where you are. When smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, you can act quickly.


Additionally, you can monitor the amount of carbon monoxide in the air. Most carbon monoxide detectors will go off when they detect hazardous levels but you can program a Smart system to be more sensitive. You’ll be able to track any spike in carbon monoxide levels so you know about a leak before it becomes life-threatening.


Temperature: Control from a Distance

Extremes of temperature can damage your home and belongings. When you have a Smart system, you can monitor and adjust the temperature in your home from your phone.


Smart Home security technology reduces the load of stress on homeowners and real estate investors. Not only do you have access to vital information about your home, you also have control. You can adjust settings to prevent disasters. If you need to call a repairperson, you can unlock doors remotely and let them in your home to fix a problem.


Get in touch if you have questions about upgrading your home security technology. We offer in-home assessments to discuss how a Smart system could work in your home.