How Smart Technology is Improving Guest Services and Energy Savings in Hotels

How Smart Technology is Improving Guest Services and Energy Savings in Hotels

Upgrading to smart technology is good for hotels and their guests – win/win! Join us as we discuss how smart technology improves guests’ experience and saves you money. Smart Technology

Increasingly, smart technology is becoming a basic expectation rather than a luxury provided by a few elite hotels. The availability of smart technology is forcing industries to upgrade in order to keep up with the market. The good news is upgrading to smart technology has benefits for both guests and hotel management.


Managing Guest Expectations and Staying Ahead of the Curve

Consumers want a personalized experience and expect fewer inconveniences when they travel. For example, in large metropolitan areas, mobile check-in isn’t considered a frill – people expect that convenience.


Hotel apps were an exciting perk just a few years ago but they are quickly becoming an expectation. They provide guests with the convenience and personalized experience that draws them back. People can order room service, book appointments, and change the thermostat all from an app.


The Biggest Savings

It’s true: upgrading to smart technology in your hotel has a price tag. Avoiding or delaying the upgrade also has a price tag. The cost of delaying comes from losing potential guests to hotels that have already upgraded and paying more in energy and utility.


The biggest savings provided by smart technology is seen in energy and utility bills. How many rooms are occupied during the week? Are you heating (or cooling) unoccupied rooms? With smart technology, you can program your HVAC to shut down when rooms are not in use.


That’s just the start. You can upgrade lighting in conference rooms and pools so they’re only consuming energy when they’re being used.


How much of your budget goes toward temperature control and lighting in empty rooms? According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, hotels that upgrade to smart technology save 8% on their utility budget. This study is focused only on utility. It doesn’t include the money earned through staying ahead of the market.


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