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Learn how Control4 can help you keep an eye on your family and ensure they are safe at home, even when you’re not around! Read more on Family Safety

Family Safety Being a parent means that you’re constantly worried about your kids. You are concerned about their education, their nutrition, and their character development. But one thing that really worries you is their safety. You can’t always keep them safe from everything, but you can take control of your home to make it the

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Are you worried about protecting your house while you’re not there? Here is why you should choose Control4 systems today. Find out more on home security

Home Security Everyone dreams about that wonderful summer home in the country or the cozy ski chalet near the best powder. Or maybe you’ve just plunked down cash for a beach house on the prettiest island. But you’re not always there, so when you’re at home you start to worry. What if someone breaks in?

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Can You Identify a Burglar?

If you’re ready to upgrade your home so you can identify a burglar and truly be protected, read our blog today and contact Kevson Services Group!

Identify a Burglar You’ve seen it a million times in movies. A tall man dressed all in black pulls a black ski mask over his face and checks his pocket for lock picking tools and a gun. You know to be afraid of the stereotypical thief look and to check all the dark corners of

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Check out our guide to caring for your aging parents, even if you live far away, with Control4! For more on caring with control4, give Kevson a call!

Caring with Control4 If your parents are starting to slow down and become elderly, you begin to worry about them. When they live far away or even just across town, you think about all the things that might go wrong when they don’t have help. What if they forget to turn off the stove or

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